Basic information

This project deals with language-learning, more specifically with the improvement of language learning. There are many traditions of language teaching in different countries, there are different approaches to students depending on their age, interests and intents, and there is a wide variety of methodological and didactic ways to facilitate an intense and/or structured immersion in a foreign language.

In an Erasmus-Project, we have a twofold approach to things: We deal with students and teachers, with activities during and between mobilities, we teach and we are taught, we act locally and we interact internationally, we have the social aim of bringing people together and the intellectual goal of developing new ways of turning a school subject into a tool for mutual understanding.

Erasmus is meant to support mutual understanding within Europe and to use the European perspective to widen our view and as a catalyst for the development of our school.

Europe often seems so far away, like a huge bureaucracy that only bothers us with insensible requirements and rules but this project is meant to show the opportunities Europe is offering. Without the European Union, we still had the unsurmountable borders and restrictions in contacts. Europe is opening doors for us and we need to go through and have a look- and show to others what we have found. So this homepage is about the Erasmus-Project „Modern European Approaches of Teaching English“ but it is even more about the experiences of, the hospitality and friendship among the people involved in this project, teachers and students, parents and colleagues, friends and additional partners.

The participating schools are in alphabetical order:

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