Underwater world

Dangerous Australian

Australia is knowen for its beautiful beaches, fascinating sights such as Ayers Rock, the cities of Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Cairns or the numerous national parks.
But it also has many of the most dangerous animals in the world. ( "Uniquely, Australia has more venomous than non-venomous species of snakes")
Especially in the water are some of the deadliest creatures:

1. Sharks
In general, the fear of most shark species is unfounded, as almost no attacks on people have been recorded by them.
But there are three species that can become dangerous to humans:
- The great white …

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RMS Titanic

The RMS Titanic was a British passenger liner. She was the world largest ship at the time she entered service. Built from March 1909 on she got completed in April 1912 and was in service from 10th to 15th April in 1912. On 15th April the RMS Titanic sank while she was on the route Southampton to New York City. With 2224 passengers and the crew she sank because she collided with an iceberg. It is one of the biggest disaster of our modern history and more than 1500 people died.

The wreck of the Titanic was discovered in 1985 and …

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Plastic waste in the ocean

Plastic waste is a really big problem. Everybody is affected, not just fishes and plants, everybody. Even humans have a big problem with plastic waste in the ocean. But why is it such a big problem and what can we do against it? That is what I wanna tell you in this blog post.
As you surely know plastic needs millions of years to degenerate so it swims in the ocean and nothing happens. Nothing? No, fishes think it is food and eat it until they die or get fished. Anyway the plastic is killing the fishes or dolphins or whatever …

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The Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is known as the world largest coral reef system. It is combined by 2900 individual coral reefs and 900 islands, which are stretching over 2,300 kilometres and 344,400 square kilometres. The reef is located on the north-eastern coast of Queensland in Australia and it can be even seen from outer space. It is known as the world biggest single structure consisting of living organisms.
In 1981 the Great Barrier Reef got selected as a World Heritage Site but as a result of global warming, overfishing, increasing pollution of the oceans and tourism the reef lost more than …

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Mysterious circles in Japan

The first circles were found off the coast of Japan in 1995, but until 2011 the builder was unknown.
Then the japanese biologist Hiroshi Kawase discovered that the one responsible were male puffer fish of the genus Torquigener.
Male puffer fish roam the sandy floor with its fins and belly in wave movements, repeating the process until a circular structure has been formed.
Although the fish are only about 12 centimetres long, the formations make up about 2 metres in diameter and the fish work for 7-9 days, 24 hours.
Reason for that is the attraction of female puffer fish. They like symetric structures …

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