Teenager problems

Depressions in teenagers

Most people associate depression with people sitting alone in the back corner not talking a word or laughing, spreading bad moods all the time and their arms being completely scarred. This may be a small group of people but it is not the norm.

Depression is a mental illness that can manifest itself in numerous complaints. A persistently depressed mood, an inhibition of drive lust, negative thoughts, loss of interest as well as various physical symptoms. There is no generally decisive situation, each affected person has different reasons by which he is pulled down. In many cases, it is the …

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Everyone knows it - was a victim once, or noticed that someone was bullied. Unfortunately, in today's society it happens far too quickly that one is excluded or discriminated against in a disadvantaged way. It often begins with harmless teasing and takes on unpredictable proportions. For mobbing there is not necessarily a special trigger but it is different from case to case. Often it is the crucial point if someone else is not in "norm" fits and perhaps pursue a different attitude to life. You can't protect yourself from it, it depends solely on the people around you. In mobbing, …

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Do not mind school

It starts at the age of 16 at the latest - no more desire for school. You sit at home, get bored, sleep, watch tv, listen to music, go out ..., you try to avoid learning or doing your homework. Who does not know it? Actually, you want to write good grades, but still can not get up to learn. If you try it, sit down in front of his learning stuff, or do his homework, it takes a maximum of 5 minutes to get distracted again, or something comes to mind that you have to do right now. Mostly …

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Stress with the parents because of going out

Oh man really now? Every time the same s*** or not?! We ask our parents if we can celebrate, do something with friends or go out and all they say is no, it is way too late, no you have done enough this week or no, you have enough left to do for the school. Who doesn’t know it?! You always wonder if they were not even young and wanted to go out, wanted to have fun. Of course, then there are discussions and stress again, which of course you don’t mind, because actually you just wanted to do something …

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Alcohol consumption by Teenagers

Our next blog will be about alcohol consumption by teenagers. In every country there is a minimum age at which you can buy or consume alcohol. However, not everyone keeps to it, many get unauthorized much too early to such drinks. Often it's just the peer pressure that tempts many to drink, it starts with harmless drinks but then turns into high-proof things. In addition, there have been life-threatening trends in the past, such as drinking comas without thinking about the consequences. This can have fatal consequences, many young people cannot assess where their limits are and continue to drink. …

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