Sports freak or couch potato? What kind of person are you?

What do you prefer to do in your free time?
Do you just hang around and relax, or do you do sports in every free minute?

There are many different physical types and characteristics in our world - big, small, tall, sporty, lazy. But why should we pay attention to what we eat and if we are participating in sports activities ?
It is certain that doing sports is very good for our bodies. You can lose weight and gain muscles.
Additionally, doing sports drops your hypertension and regulates your level of blood sugar. If you don’t engage in sports, your …

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Preparing your body to the summer

Everybody knows, summer is coming faster than you think and a nice body is what you dream for. Go Jogging is the first point which helps us preparing our body for the summer, but for getting muscels, we have to do some workouts. There are many different kinds which could be adjusted on yourself. Your friend maybe prefer doing a workout for the abs only but you wanna do a full body workout, so you can plan a lot more things, which you want to do. There are a lot of different kinds how to train your body so you …

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Spring- time to go jogging

Soon spring will be back and the fresh air and the sunny weather attracts many people to outside. So the question is, why shouldn't we use this beautiful spring days to do something good for our body. Jogging is the keyword. It's the kind of sport everyone is suitable for, because you can adjust the tempo to yourself. Furthermore jogging can join you and your Friends, so it will be the perfect match. Good weather, friends and sport, the recreation everyone should be used to. If you aren't yet, spring 2019 should be youre option to start. in certain circumstances …

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review of the handball world cup 2019 - great presence from Germany ?!

Did you support the German handball team during the latest tournament?
Two months later I give you a short summary what happened.
On the 10th of january 2019 the 26. handball world cup started in Denmark and Germany. The favourite teams were France with their superstar Nikola Karabatic and Denmark with their captain Mikkel Hansen.
Germany started very good in the tournament beating Corea and Brazil in their first matches.
Germany played attractive fast handball with a good defence.
Over 11.9 million German citizens supported the handball team by watching the world cup on TV. There was a hype in Germany. Everyone, it doesn’t …

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