Asian food

Japanese Table Manners

O- shibori: In a Japanese restaurant, a clammy, cold or warm, white rag is usually covered, which is mainly used for hand cleaning before meals and can be used as a napkin during the meal.

Itadakimasu: Before you’re start eating everyone say "Itadakimasu". So you thank the chef or host for the food.

Hashi: In Japan, most food is eaten with chopsticks, usually made of wood, bamboo, metal or plastic. In restaurants you can also ask for cutlery if you have problems to deal with it. Spearing something with your chopsticks, waving it in the air, playing with it or pointing …

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Eat with chopsticks

Whats chopsticks?
Chopsticks are a pair of thin sticks and in Asia they eat with them.

The word chopsticks meant in Chinese (“kuaizi”) ''quick sticks" or "nimble ones." At first chopsticks are in the Shang dynasty (1766 BC - 1122 BC) used for cooking. For the last 3000 to 3500 years they used as a table utensil.

Materials of chopsticks:
- wood (pine, sandalwood and cedar)
- grasses (bamboo)
- metals (bronze, silver and gold)
- stones (jade, crystal and agate)
- animal bones, horns and tusks

Enjoy your next meal with chopsticks! …

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Bento Box

Whats Bento Box?
It's a lunch box filled often with rice, vegetables and fish.

''Bento'' comes from a slang term and means ''convenient''. Bento originally made with wood or basket material. In the early 1900’s it transitioned to aluminum. Japanese workers pack in the 5th century their lunches in boxes and also workers from China, Korea and the Philippines used the boxes for their meals. In Japan make the mothers Bento for their children to take it to school. Making Bento can take a while and some mothers make the preprepare the night before.

Form of bento
- Hinomaru bento (rice with an …

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Sushi - story and recipes

Whats Sushi?
Sushi is a japanese specially. Conventionally it consists rice, row fish and seaweed. Sushi is a low fat, balanced and very healthy food.

At first was Sushi a preservation method for fresh water fishes. The fishes were corned, wrapped in cooked rice uo and placed in burrows. This method was developed by residents along the Mekong river. In time of penury they noticed that they xan eat also the rice, it tasted sour (=sui). That was the prototype of Sushi. The today form originated in Edo (today Tokio) in 18. century (Nigiri-Zushi), it evolved to the 20. century.

Form of Sushi
-> …

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Whats Onigiri?
Onigiri is an japanese food, made from white rice formed into different shapes and often with nori. An traditional onigiri is filled with marinated ume; salted salmon; katsuobushi; kombu or tarako.

In the Nara period (AD 710-794) was rice often rolled into a small ball to easily picking up. Onigiri (a rice ball filled with salad) used as a quick meal between the Kamakura (1192) and Edo period (1603-1868).

Other names
- o-musubi
- nigirimeshi
- rice ball

Onigiri recipe
335g (jasmine) rice
cream cheese
nori sheet
1 tablespoon rice vinegar
pinch of sugar
chicken breast
soy sauce

1. Cook the rice and let them cool down.
2. Spice the rice …

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